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If you find yourself in the middle of Federal Investigations, needing to pursue Federal Claims or a party in Federal Court, you should have an attorney that knows the rules, the hidden pitfalls, and the strategic vantage points. For almost fourteen years, Indira practiced exclusively in federal courts prosecuting and defending civil and criminal cases, handling federal claims from pre-lawsuit investigation through appeals, conducting complex federal investigations with federal law enforcement officers and agencies. At Cameron Banks Law, Indira continues representing individuals in federal court, as well as in state courts. Indira is licensed to practice in California, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Indira understands that clients want different outcomes and does not take a “one size fits all” approach to cases. Because of the depth and breadth of her experience, Indira can deliver on both discreet resolutions or that day in court, but either way she remains steadfastly committed to doing what is best for her clients.

Over the course of her career Indira has frequently found herself navigating clients and cases through the Intersection of Criminal and Civil Liability and Government Investigations. Indira has the credibility, experience and perspective to conduct sensitive and complex internal investigations, communicate effectively with investigators, officers and prosecutors, identify potential claims and how best to resolve them for her clients.

In her capacity as both an attorney and a senior manager in the public and law enforcement sectors, Indira has advised on and litigated matters related to Civil Rights, Discrimination and Misconduct in a wide variety of factual situations involving in significant physical harm, death, or loss of personal liberties and constitutional rights.

Indira has successfully litigated a variety of Employment and Trade Secrets disputes. In 2021, she was appointed to the Sedona Conference’s WG12 brainstorming group on ethical issues in trade secrets.

Indira’s “follow-the-money” approach to Financial Fraud investigations and litigation has proven effective as she has not only secured multimillion dollar judgments and settlements for Restitution, Penalties, and Damages, but has also enforced them through aggressive Asset Recovery and Judgment Enforcement. Indira stays current and up to date on fraud schemes through her membership and participation of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS).

Indira has extensive experience vindicating Victims’ Rights through a holistic, trauma-informed approach to the delivery of legal services to crime victims.

Given her broad experience and perspective in both civil and criminal matters at both the state and federal levels, Indira is often called upon to provide Strategic Legal Advice & Consultation to individuals, small businesses and nonprofits.

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